Visionize Media is a duo team, Sherwin Acidera and myself, Antonio Agosto. We both have been friends since high school, James Campbell High School, located in the plains of Ewa Beach, Hawai‘i. We come from opposite spectrums of the “cliques” but collaborated through our digital media class. Sherwin, a 2008 graduate and myself, a 2010 graduate - yes, we are still young - became University of Hawai‘i at Manoa students; double majoring in Communications and Academy for Creative Media (film). During our college years, we continued to produce all types of films, photograph many events, and work on actual film sets, such as the CBS TV hit show, Hawai‘i Five-0.

In 2015, we wanted to take the next step and started a small business. We created Visionize (meaning “Vision is Everything”) as a foundation of our business and focused on wedding cinematography, sports and music films. With the amount of our close friends, our loving families, the amazing wedding couples we’ve captured, all the athletes statewide and the talented musicians that were so generous to our growth over the years, it allowed us to collaborate with many more creatives around the world, including two additional filmmaker buddies from college, Blake Abes and John Kim. Oh yes, like the Fantastic Four!

Together, we are Visionize Media!

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The biggest refresh we’ve made is our website. It’s a completely newly redesigned website and we’ve kept things simple! You’re now able to watch a wide variety of films and view our image galleries. With this website refresh, we wanted to provide you with more videos and photos to inspire your next video/photo project. We hope you like it as much as we do!

For those inquiring, we wanted to make it easier for our clients to book us without having to always go back-and-forth with questions.  First, we’ve made our contact page more client-friendly and decided to try and get to know you better so that we have a better idea of what you might like.

For our couples, we’ve created a dedicated wedding inquiry page for you to help us, help you! We totally understand that planning a wedding can be crazy at times, so we’ve placed a dedicated wedding inquiry page.



We know!!! We haven’t been posting, sharing and updating our social media accounts. We understand that this is our main face and lots of you rely on going through our social media because, YES, it is our portfolio. But we are back with breath of freshness!

We will be taking advantage of our instagram postings, stories and responding to your posts. Our resolution is to be more active online, so be on the lookout with upcoming posts and some awesome giveaways!

Our Facebook has been dormant as well, but today, we are going to slowly start posting updates and sharing our more lengthy films for you to watch. We understand not many of us are able to watch it on our website or Vimeo, so we’ll be getting our content shared to facebook users.

For a couple of years now, we’ve had a Twitter! We don’t normally post like we should, but we’ll take advantage of it, so users can tweet us directly and we can respond.

We’ve added two new social media sites to our lineup, Pinterest and Kit. Pinterest has been our hidden sidekick for years, providing us with inspirational looks, poses, ideas and wardrobe.

Many of our clients are using it for the same reasons, but we’ve finally made Visionize Media Pinterest to share with you some of our boards and pins. We’ve created dedicated boards for various types of shoots and ideas that we like.

For our camera gear nerds, we’ve decided to share the gear we use on our shoots. Kit makes it easier for us to create a virtual list of the various camera, sound and editing gear we use and where you can purchase them. Now you can see exactly what we have on the day of your shoot!



This past year, Vimeo has been giving us quite a hard time with our videos. Many of our colleagues have been experiencing the same effects from the company, but we continue to use it for our business because it serves well for the professional filmmaking industry. Within a year, our old Vimeo account had been deleted by the company because of copyright music, this left us re-uploading all our content within a span of a few months. Some videos were able to upload, and others couldn’t. So what now?

We will continue to use Vimeo as our primary platform for streaming your video projects and sharing it with you, however, we are slowing going to add youtube as another source for our videos. What’s better than one site? Two! Because we are shifting from using radio popular and copyright music to licensed music, this will allow your film to be safe from bylaws and future changes in the rules. We want to be able to share your film worldwide without being blocked from copyright laws.

Anyhow, we have a new Vimeo account out for quite some time and created a YouTube account, so feel free to subscribe to our channels for the latest updates on films.



If you asked us what our main goal is, it would be to see as many parts of the world as we can. We love to travel, film new places, meet new people and try new things. We are definitely spontaneous and adventurous at times, and would love for your experience with us to be a fantastic time. We’ve created a bucket list of places we want to experience with couples, but we’re also open to experiencing it with any project. With our bucket list, we’re offering discounted packages to any client that would like to bring us along. We want to make new friends worldwide and hopefully lifetimes memories with you!


weddings + love stories

Weddings are a vital part of our business, it’s our foundation in the industry and we just love being able to document it! We are very blessed to have so many brides and grooms invite us into their lives and even grow with their families. We just can’t thank you all enough!

Now that we’re ringing in the New Year, we are changing our structure for weddings. We never want you to feel as if we are just “there” to capture your wedding day but to feel like we’re family and comfortable with each other.  We stress the importance of getting to know you as a couple because that will only enhance how we shoot your wedding day. We’ve also created PDF guides to help navigate your way to finding the right plan and even helping you choose the right outfit or color for your shoot. We’ve created checklists and establish reminders for you so you don’t forget something while you’re so busy with planning. And we even have sample timelines and many more PDFs for you to help make your day run smoothly!

We are here to be another source for you so that when it comes to your wedding day, you can simply just enjoy the day with your spouse and your loved ones.

You can also find us and review us on WeddingWire, The Knot and Yelp!


moving forward

As we continue to grow as creatives, we want to be able to challenge ourselves and be the best that we possibly can be. Going into the New Year, we are moving into the commercial filmmaking industry. We want to use the knowledge and skills we have to help businesses grow their brand. We believe that growth in any business is the ultimate goal. Social Media is growing exponentially, making videos and photos a crucial part for businesses to showcase and sell their brand. What does this mean for our clients who are not business? It doesn’t affect anything! We will continue to do what we do, but now adding more services for our clients.

Also, we want to be more transparent with our business and open the doors to more blogs, behind the scene coverages, and notifications for your social media news feed. It’s not easy, it never is, but we know that without you, there’s really no us!



thank you.

To all the corporate companies, organizations, brands, creatives, we are humbly grateful for your continuous collaborations, friendships and creativeness. Your ideas and stories drive us to make us to not only a better business for our own clients, but better people.

To all our couples and families past, present and future, thank you! You all have been such great friends to us, giving us an amazing experience on your special day, allowing us to feel a part of your family, and even grow with your own family as well.  Thank you for inspiring us to be the best version of ourselves to our families. We couldn’t have done it without you, really!

Lastly, thank you to our loving families and amazing friends, you guys are the foundation to our business and our purpose in Visionize Media. We are blessed to have such amazing people be a part of our lives and a part our business, there will never be enough thank yous!